Solstice House

Clients: Youth age 15-18 years
Length of stay: Up to 18 months in our group home and 6-9 months in our Solstice House Independent Living Preparation Program (SIL)
Capacity: Group home 6, SIL 2

Solstice House provides a safe and stable transitional environment for teens who are preparing for independent living.

This shift to adult life can be challenging, but skills gained through Solstice, such as conflict resolution, budgeting, employment skills, and emotional well-being, give them a strong foundation on which to succeed. Through their stays, they are also supported in developing and maintaining stable connections with their families and the community.

A significant benefit of the program is the length of time youth may reside at Solstice. Because they can stay for a year and a half, they develop a sense of comfort and feel this is their home. As a result, they can better internalize the habits and skills they need to excel on their own. The program provides stability for young people who would otherwise experience multiple transitions.

Solstice House Independent Living Preparation Program

Upon completion of their stay at Solstice, youth may have an opportunity to move into the attached independent living suite. Youth in this program have demonstrated, through their ability to manage money, to maintain employment, or to regularly attend school, that they are able to handle increased privileges and freedoms. Through existing Solstice relationships, they receive continued guidance and support to ease the transition to independence.

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