About Us

Based in central Alberta, Vantage Community Services helps youth, adults, and families by providing counselling, transitional housing for youth, life skills training, and drop-in centre for youth experiencing homelessness. We have a skilled, multidisciplinary team that helps clients find creative solutions to get their lives back on track.

Regardless of a person’s circumstances, there is always hope but hope alone is not enough to make a difference. It takes caring people with the right skills and training, and clients who are ready to make changes. It also takes a broader community willing to invest in them. When all of these come together, amazing things can happen. At Vantage, we are privileged to see this change in action.

Our Mission

To build capacity in people by creating opportunities and instilling hope and confidence.

Our Vision

To be and be seen as an organization of excellence for building healthy communities.

Our Core Values

Personal Responsibility and Accountability: We take ownership for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Teamwork: We respect and encourage the contributions individuals bring to fulfilling our purpose.

Integrity: We behave honestly and ethically in our actions, our decisions and our relationships.

Trust: We strive to create an environment of mutual belief in one another through consistency and fairness in our relationships with others.

Commitment: We honour perseverance in the pursuit of positive outcomes.

Wellness and Well-being: We create possibilities for change by promoting well-being and focusing on our strengths.

Relationships: We value the capacity to develop and maintain relationships that create a sense of belonging.

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