Willow Mental Health Treatment Centre

Clients: Youth age 13-17 years
Length of stay: 3-6 months
Capacity: 7

At Willow Mental Health Treatment Centre, intensive and specialized services are provided for youth with mental health challenges. Our clients learn how to manage their mental health diagnoses or identified mental health concerns and develop coping skills to become more resilient. To help support the youth in their treatment, families and caregivers are provided with parenting strategies and links to additional networks and services.

Treatment involves a wide range of services, including milieu therapy, individual and group therapy, skill building, family intervention, parenting groups, specialized education, and consulting psychiatric services. Plans are goal focused and are developed in collaboration with the individual and his or her family to create the best possibility for a positive outcome.

Willow’s aims are to enable youth to function successfully at home, at school, and as members of the community by transitioning them to less rigorous services. However, there may be situations where the mental health diagnosis identifies a need to step up to a more intensive program and stabilization.

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