Group Therapy



Anger Management Group Therapy – Adults 18+

Date: September 14th to December 7th (Mondays) 1 session per week


Location: Zoom Video Conferencing

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Registration Deadline: September 7th, 2020


Anger and substance abuse often occur together, which increases the risk for negative consequences such as physical aggression, self-harm, distressed relationships, job loss, or criminal justice involvement. This 12-week group is designed for individuals who have substance use and mental health concerns along with anger management problems. This group uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to understand anger and learn how to make a change. Each weekly 90-minute session will occur using videoconferencing (Zoom). There is a limit of 10 spaces. The cost is $100/person.

Common Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Anger-Related Problems:

· Headaches

· Increased blood pressure

· Fatigue

· Heart palpitations

· Tightness in the chest area

· Sweating

· Inability to listen or focus

· Tense muscles

· Feelings of loss of control

· Lack of sleep

· Easily frustrated with others

· Depression

· Anxiety

Common Patterns of Behaviour

· Becoming angry when consuming alcohol

· Substance abuse

· Self-harm or inward aggression

· Outward aggression such as yelling, swearing, being violent or threatening violence to control others

· Difficulty expressing emotions in a healthy way

· Social isolation

· Difficulty compromising without becoming angry

· Cycles of bad behaviour

Anger management addresses the symptoms of anger problems by targeting the emotional and physiological components. It involves identifying triggers and faulty beliefs; strengthening assertiveness and conflict resolution skills; learning about what is under the surface of your anger; and, practising strategies to express your emotions in a way that supports healthy friendships and family bonds.

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