Group Therapy 2020



Rise Up: Teen – Strategies For Transforming Anxiety

Date: February 6th to March 26th (Thursdays) 1 session per week

Location: Downtown Office 4920 54th St

Registration Deadline: January 30th, 2020

Capacity: 10

Cost: $80

Description: This 8-week group is for anyone between the ages of 13-17. The goal is for young people to feel confident in overcoming the challenges of everyday life. Our strength-based group involves fun and creative ways to learn. Topics will include the ways anxiety can impact our lives, mindful strategies for coping when feeling overwhelmed, and skills to practice stopping anxiety before it starts. Therapy conducted in a group setting has the added benefit of encouraging peer-to-peer support and positive social skills. Our groups are facilitated by experienced psychologists.

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You may be eligible for full subsidies to cover the cost, after registering we will contact you in 48 hours to see if you are qualified for coverage.

Call 403-340-8995 if you have any further questions.